Artist Spotlight: Ghasper

Sitting with Ghasper on a couch, the Las Vegas-based producer immediately pulls out his computer and begins working on a track in front of a room full of people. Slightly introverted but incredibly talented, the 23-year-old quietly works on the Keri Hilson remix he’s been toying with for a few weeks now and—after annoying him for the headphones, it sounds amazing. He’s been producing for around four years working on FL Studio, and in that time he’s created an extensive and varied discography, comprising of anything from a Rob Bank$ trap remix to a slow, ethereal original track with no bass at all.


This is partly what intrigues me about Ghasper. His ability to genre bend is one that many cannot successfully achieve. Beyond that, speaking with him about music is just as entertaining as listening to his original tracks. “There was a video posted by Young Guru (Jay-Z’s main producer) that I really resonated with,” Ghasper says. “In it he talked about release and tension in life and in music—how everything is building and creating tension until the release and then it starts back up again, even right down to the way we breathe,” he says of how he’s established his sound. “I thought it was really interesting, and lately I’ve been trying to experiment a lot with trying to create tension without using normal white noise risers and snares increasing in tempo drops, trying to make my track ‘breathe’, hence why there was a ton of rests in my last track “Switch,” kind of like mini breathes or like holding your breath.”


The carefulness in Ghasper’s craft does not go unnoticed, however. His music has been featured on stations like BBC Radio 1, and he’s played various shows and clubs in Las Vegas and Los Angeles with hopes to play in more cities throughout the next year. With trap influences and symphonic melodies, his music takes the listener on a journey where each step is carefully placed. “When I first started making electronic music I was really into organic sounding stuff. Eskmo and Amon Tobin’s drumbreaks had a huge influence on the type of percussive sound I wanted to achieve with my own works, tons of foley samples everywhere instead of normal sample selections,” says Ghasper of his production process. “Boards of Canada, Sun Glitters and  M83’s ‘Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts’ really got me on the ambient melodic vibe, and for awhile I ran with that, writing an EP that was entirely on that whole downtempo ambient feel.” he continues. “Then I tried making really aggressive trap and eventually kind of settled to this in between of all that.”


Ghasper will be playing in Las Vegas this weekend at Kawaii Twerk and hopes to make it to the Salt Lake area in the near future. In addition to his killer music (which you can listen to here) he’s popular on twitter, enjoys Game of Thrones and eats feta cheese by the block.


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