Benny Benassi Loves That Electronic Music Has Gone Mainstream

Benny Benassi has been a Utah favorite for as long as I can remember. Nearly each show he appears at as a headliner sells out, and the energy he brings to any venue creates an amazing environment for a night out. Last summer, Benassi headlined a Therapy Thursdays show at SKY SLC where the event sold out and created a party I still hear about to this day. Since his collaborations with artists like Chris Brown, however, Benassi has skyrocketed into a fame higher than many of his electronic music counterparts and achieved a status as a well-known pop music producer. Before his show at Therapy Thursdays this week, which you can buy tickets to here, we talked with the Italian artist to find out what its like to take electronic music to the mainstream. –Julia Sachs

EDM Utah: Hey Marco (do you prefer Benny?) how is it going?

Benny Benassi: Either is fine! Everything’s going great, I hope you’re doing well.


EDM Utah: How has this tour been?

Benny Benassi: So far so good


EDM UtahAny favorite moments so far?

Benny Benassi: I live in the moment… they’re all my favorites!


EDM Utah: With such a long and successful career under your belt what do you do to make each tour stand out for you?

Benny Benassi: Alle and I continue to experiment with new songs and sounds, and collaborate with other producers. I feel lucky, and I want to continue to tour and play my records around the world until I’m not connecting anymore.


EDM Utah: Tell us about your favorite tour memory of all time?

Benny Benassi: To be honest there have been many memorable moments. Playing at Coachella and Red Rock, Denver must count as the locations are so breathtaking. I also love playing at Marquee in Las Vegas and I played at Ushuaia in Ibiza a couple times this summer as well, those shows were fantastic.


EDM Utah: Tell us about your recent work with Chris Brown, it’s not your first collaboration together―what inspires you to continue working together?

Benny Benassi: Since working together on “Beautiful People” we have an artistic relationship and always feel free to send ideas to each other, that’s how ‘Paradise’ came about.


EDM Utah: You’ve previously said that the emergence of electronic music in mainstream pop music is a good thing―how so?  Do you think there are any downsides to that?

Benny Benassi:I think EDM is great, it’s just making dance music mainstream. There are so many incredible artists in the EDM community right now, it has grown and developed, it’s become bigger and better for everyone. People like songs. Songs sound good on the radio! So DJs and producers team up with singers, songsters, rappers…  It makes sense and it’s good for all of us. Plus with things opening up, there are a lot more young talented artists coming through, which also leads to great new music.


EDM Utah: What are you working on in 2017? Any new releases?

Benny Benassi: 2017 for me is all about collaboration! I also plan to tour around the world as much as possible, and of course, we have some surprises lined up for 2017 too.


EDM Utah: Do you plan on checking anything out in salt lake during your stop here?

Benny Benassi: I would love to see as much as possible. Usually my schedule is pretty tight, but I always want to learn as much as I can about where I am!

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