Five Companies Giving The 801 A Taste Of The Underground

Though Salt Lake is known for its dominant religious background and strict liquor laws, its slowly forming a new spot on the map as a destination for underground music and culture. As Salt Lake gains momentum as a music destination with appearances by major world-class artists thanks to events like Das Energi and Get Lucky, its blossoming music culture has paved the way for a new generation of artists to take advantage of the opportunity to create a strong local music scene. These five companies are giving you a taste of things we don’t see too often—from industrial  techno, all the way to grimey bass, Salt Lake City just got even more enticing to the local music junkie.


Nectar Nights

Starting with the city’s newest event, Nectar Nights brings a combination of live musicians and live-production to the stage at SKY SLC. Creating a collaboration between a DJ/Producer and a guitarist or vocalist—the two create a jam session that will synthesize together, showing off talents from both musicians from each genre.The idea is to create a collaboration from a variety of genres playing live. There is also live painting where each artist is working on individual pieces to create one large mural to combine the talents of local artists into one piece. This night brings a collectivity of multiple ideas and personalities from several different parts of our community. Their next event is June 3rd at SKY SLC which is a 21+ club.

Smoke Siignals

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Photo: Jake Vivori / @snakesphoto

Who doesn’t love grime and heavy bass? Brought to us by RiitualSmoke Siignals brings events like no other to the streets of Salt Lake. Curating incredible artists such as Stooki Sound and Wooly Mammoth, locals will get a taste of an underground scene that originated in south London and has been a major influencer in the projection of bass music for the last few decades. From rhythmic basslines to skilled MC’s, bass lovers will definitely be getting rowdy at these events every time. Taryn Lilly, who has been working in the local music scene for quite sometime, found his niche in the bass culture and has taken it under his wing to create a much-needed event for the people of Salt Lake. After heading to the West Coast Bass Culture festival Emissions, Riitual is gaining momentum with bass heads all over the state. Their next event is at Club X and features Pantyraid.

Recess Club

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From Anna Lunoe, to Amine Edge & Dance, this monthly thursday-night party curated by members of Live Nite Events and Nightfreq has become a staple in Salt Lake nightlife over the last year. Showcasing talent from various genres such as house and techno, dance music fanatics can definitely find a little of everything at these parties. Focusing on bringing producers that you won’t see on a regular basis , Live Nite opens up the threshold for subgenres such as nightbass, tropical house, G-house and more. Recess club started back in 2013 in the basement of The Hotel when local legend Nate Lowpass got together with  Al Cardenas of Nightfreq to create an event that was previously unseen in Salt Lake. Recess Club now holds a unique following and you will see all walks of life during any given night enjoying themselves in the small but popular club. Things are about to heat up this summer for Recess Club during the Twilight concerts, be on the look out for first time acts that haven’t been to Salt Lake City before. Catch the next Recess Club on Thursday, June 23 when Sleepy Tom makes an appearance. 

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Photo: Stefan Poulos

New World Presents

Everyone loves the thought of intergalactic travel, though it’s nearly impossible. New World, however, brings another galaxy to you with their cosmic parties and festivals. “Born in the industrial landscape of Salt Lake City, New World Presents is a collective of artists and creators with a desire to impact the future,” says their mission statement. With unparalleled music,  live artists, performers and everything in between—New World brings their name to life with their cosmic events. Bringing the likes of Desert Hearts artist Deep Jesus and more, this company is just getting started. With their second year of Lunar Transit, a transformational festival just north of Salt Lake having just took place at Fort Buenaventura in Ogden, this crew of amazing artists continue to gain momentum with every event. Their next Lunar Transit festival will take place toward the end of July in Beaver, UT and the group does periodical warehouse shows around the city. 

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Photo: David Arellano DA/AR Photography

Quality Control

If you’ve traveled a lot for music, you know how prominent techno is in areas like Spain, Germany and Mexico. Bringing you world-class acts such as Maceo Plex and Adam Beyer to dark warehouses with minimal lighting, no bottle service and a dance floor filled with techno enthusiasts is exactly what the Gabe Arellano and Jake Bergeson were trying to capture in our up and coming music industry with Quality Control. “Our goal is to expose Salt Lake City to new, world class techno and house music in a comfortable warehouse meets club environment,” says Arellano, the visionary behind the event.

Control Room is about losing yourself and getting so immersed in the sounds and environment that you forget whatever baggage you walked in with,” he adds. Creating a custom stage that is built in the center of the room, combined with choice sound treatment and a no cell-phone on the dancefloor rule, Control Room has maintained an air of mystery, while creating a buzz as being almost exclusive through word-of-mouth marketing. Control Room has become the home for newer house and techno artists. Bringing artists such as Las Vegas locals Brett Rubin and Alex Clark as well as Suara’s Jaceo, CR is creating lots of noise among locals who crave those minimal late-night vibes. These events are located at The Fallout in downtown Salt Lake City. Quality Control is about to launch their new locals showcase on June 3, which will include sets from local artists like Make It FitPlexøs and Naim Liss.

No matter what a passionate music lover is into, each of these companies are contributing to a variety of genres that will surely have your ears pleased year-round. It’s really awesome to see so many passionate individuals make Salt Lake so unique, and each are fueled with motivation to create something Utah natives haven’t had a chance to see before. Connecting people on a musical basis is what creates something special for the 801 and I’m beyond excited to see what each of them have in store for Summer 2016. –Erin Sanders 

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