No Sweater Left Behind: An Interview With Everettz

Riding off the hype of the release of his remix of Infek & Beatzsick‘s “Scareclaw,” Everettz unleashes his first original vocal-focused track titled “Feather (feat. Lauren Francom)” where he demonstrates that passion and consistency make for a truly great artist.  Drawing on some of his world and tribal influences, “Feather” showcases a wonderful blend of percussive and world drums that lay ever so gently beneath Francom’s beautiful vocals. When he’s not in the studio working on his next creation, he’s out playing live and showing support for his fellow DJs around Utah. Opening for Ghastly and Zomboy less than a month ago at The Complex, Everettz is making some major traction as a DJ and Producer and we couldn’t be happier to have him take the time to chat with us for an interview.

EDM Utah: You can be seen at almost every single show we go to, whether it’s a club appearance or festival. We love that local support that you bring to this scene, do you think others in the local scene support each other enough?


Everettz: I love loud music and music I’ve never heard before. I wish I could go to all the shows. Hmm that’s an interesting question. I think we do alright but we can always do better especially shows without a headliner.


EDM Utah: Are there any local producers that you want to work with?


Everettz: There’s a ton of people killing it right now. I’d love to work with X&G, Fransis Derelle, Hearts, Z&Z I could keep going, the talent in Utah is unreal.


EDM Utah: Is there anything you do to prepare yourself for a show?  Drink a Yerba Mate? Play a bad game of pool?


Everettz: Hmmm, for club gigs I just show up and read the crowd. For artist gigs I usually make a playlist on my laptop of songs I think would be fun to play. I tend to get carried away and have like 200+ song playlists and then just read the crowd and wing it!

EDM Utah: What’s it like looking out into the crowd and seeing everyone moving in unison to the beat?


Everettz: It’s the best feeling ever. Connecting with an audience and vibing to the music together is why I love DJ’ing. That’s why, unlike a lot of other local producers, I DJ top 40 club gigs too because I’m addicted to making people dance. But when you get to see people dance or go crazy to a song you made too … it’s unreal. Coolest thing ever.

EDM Utah: Previously, your favorite artist to open for was Zeds Dead. Has that changed?


Everettz: Hmmm, I would probably say opening for Zomboy [was my favorite]. I played, I believe, 14 of my [original] songs and the crowd was awesome. There were a handful of times the crowd cheered or clapped along to a song—having that interaction made the show. Oh and the system was bumping and it felt really good to play my songs on that.


EDM Utah: I know you’re playing at Nocturnal Groove and Eternal Jubilee, to name just a couple of the local festivals. Are there any out of state festivals that you want to play at?

Everettz: I’d love to play anywhere out of state. After the Campus DJ gigs I got that’s been a goal of mine to play more out of state shows.

EDM Utah: So tell us about your new song “Feather” and what went into making it.


Everettz everettz No Sweater Left Behind: An Interview With Everettz asher 2Everettz: So this song “Feather” with Lauren Francom is a song I actually started back in 2013 or 2014. I have so many versions of this song on my computer—probably something like 10. I had given up on the song and wasn’t going to release it. Then I was in a songwriting class last fall and the thought of adding vocals to “Feather” came into my mind so I reached out to my friend Lauren and we wrote the lyrics together. We recorded in a makeshift sound booth in November. Then I struggled with getting the final arrangement done. I had heard the song so many times that I had dead ears to the song. I wasn’t even sure if I liked it anymore. I showed the demo to some friends and thanks to their support and encouragement we have the version that’s now released!

EDM Utah: Where do you draw inspiration from when making your music?


Everettz: That depends on the song. Sometimes an idea will pop in my head and I’ll try to get that down on the computer, other times it’s another song or some weird sound. I think that’s why I like doing remixes and flips so much because I’ll hear something that will give me an idea and next thing you know I’ve made another bootleg. When I’m making music, though it’s hard to explain—I just kinda get into a flow and a song appears. Something I’ve actually been working on is taking breaks. Too many times I’ll start a song and next thing you know it’s 5 am and I have almost a full song done—it’s not been good for my sleep schedule.


EDM Utah: So you got into “decent” production around 2012-2013 and started using Ableton. Four years seems like an eternity in the production world. How much wiser do you feel today in regard to writing and production? Are there aspects to producing that you think you could improve on?


Everettz: Oh listening to my old music drives me crazy. All I can think of is what I could do better or things that should be done. My goal is to make every song better produced than my last and I feel like I’m doing alright with that goal. Something I’ve been trying to work on is the dance part of EDM, a lot of times I’ll make something that I think sounds cool but it isn’t “dancey.” If it doesn’t make you move I’m not going to play it out at shows, and I want to play my music out at shows! So that’s my current thing I’m working on is making my songs “dancey.”

EDM Utah: Are there styles of music that you’d like to try out that you haven’t before?


Everettz: My two favorite types of music are Bass music and folk/indie electronic. I’m actually starting on an EP in that folky/electronic style so that’s been a whole new world. I’m loving it so far. I think it would be really fun to produce a hip-hop mixtape for a rapper.

EDM Utah: What’s your current production setup like?


Everettz:  2012 Macbook Pro, Alesis keyboard I use for midi with serum & Massive, Abelton Live 9. Oh I have a Maschine too but I hardly ever use it. I should use it more.

EDM Utah: Whether it’s musical goals or personal goals, where do you want to be in 5 years?


Everettz: I want to be doing what I love with people I love.


EDM Utah: Are there any artists, either Electronic or any other genre, that you want to see live this year?


Everettz: I’ve always wanted to see Linkin Park live since like middle school. Imogen Heap would be rad. I’d totally go to a Kanye show too.


EDM Utah: If you had more time outside of making and playing music, going to school, is there a hobby you’d want to pursue and put more time into?


Everettz: I wish I could snowboard more, I haven’t really since high school and it used to be my favorite thing in the world. I’ve been going on a ton hikes and exploring lately so that’s been nice.


EDM Utah: How many sweaters do you own?


Everettz: Haha as of right now probably like 15 but I’m always on the lookout for that thrift store pickup.


EDM Utah: Any last words you’d like to share?


Everettz: Ummm … Stay excellent to each other! But I’d like to thank anyone who’s ever been to a show I’ve played or listened to my music. The fact that people come up to me and tell me they’re fans of my music blows my mind. So thanks to everyone for the love and support! –Brian Artman


Everettz is a sweater enthusiast and can be found online, follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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