Get Lucky Festival Is Springs Best Event In Salt Lake

Having only been in the scene less than two years, and missing Get Lucky 2016 (hangs head in regret), this was my first time attending Get Lucky. Now in it’s 12th year, I can see why Get Lucky has become a much anticipated event. It’s the first real outdoor festival after the winter season that welcomes us into the spring season with a fiery good time.

In typical fashion, I showed up as soon as the doors opened to catch the locals.  Doing so makes for a long night which is fine by me because I get to see what the local scene has to offer. It’s exciting to see the enthusiasm and the gratitude the locals have for playing at a festival like this. It’s also exciting to see the fan support because I know I’m not the only one who shows up early. 

The local lineup was a stacked with some of the best producers and DJs from Utah, with favorites such as Infek, Pulse Regime, Z&Z, ATL, Ill Deff, and Fransis Derelle. These guys brought the heat and a variety of tunes ranging from dubstep, trap, hardstyle and trance. It was fun to hear some of these artists drop their latest productions live and to hear the excited responses from the fans.

Not only were the locals on the lineup fantastic, the national acts were just as exciting for music fans. There was a favoring toward  hardstyle, yet at the same time a supply of diversity in musical style for all fans. Day 1 featured some anticipated favorites such as Gammer, 3LAU, W&W, and Sikdope.  It was interesting to see that 3LAU attracted some negative criticism on social media during the initial lineup announcement, yet the crowd at Get Lucky demonstrated an alternative attitude as many people expressed their respect for not only his music, but his contributions toward charities around the world. 

Day 2 brought even more heat with a highly anticipated lineup that included Yookie, Joyryde, Tuneboy, Snails and Nero. I talked to a lot of festival-goers and most were stoked to see Snails (who of course did not disappoint). I was amazed at the headbanging I saw during Yookie’s set, which was early in the night. I wondered how those fans would manage throughout the rest of the night endurance wise, and by all accounts they were prepared for a long night of fun.

I was particularly excited for Audien and W&W. You know that feeling when an artist plays one of your favorite songs, and it somehow seems to magnify the experience and memory of the show or festival ten fold? Yeah, Audien and W&W did that for me. I was also excited to see the back to back trifecta of Bad Company-DC Breaks-Loadstar.  

Needless to say, my first Get Lucky experience was a memorable one. I bite my tongue a lot of times when it comes to political matters. But I’m really curious if any of our incumbents are looking to reform our current healthcare system to cover neck injuries as I’m pretty sure a couple of necks were broken while raging during Get Lucky. Luckily there’s time to recover before our next festival is upon us with Transmit in May and then the highly anticipated Das Energi Festival in August. –Brian Artman

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