Jayceeoh Takes Us On The Foodie Tour Of The U.S.

Though he’s still in the upcoming stages of his career, Jacob Osher, known professionally as Jayceeoh has already made jumps most artists don’t make until much later stages. Having just started his own record label, Super 7 Records, and began releasing tracks on his offshoot project with Redman called 1000volts before they release an album together in the near future. We caught Jayceeoh during his current tour just before his stop at Das Energi Festival to ask him about the project, as well as his clear love for finding the best place to eat wherever he goes. –Julia Sachs

EDM Utah: I really loved Elevate, though it wasn’t traditionally what I would consider trap music despite being released on a trap label. Where do you think the world of trap is headed?

Jayceeoh: Thank you! Glad you like it. I really wanted ‘Elevate’ to connect with people across the board. A lot of producers (including myself) tend to lean toward making ‘bangers’ that are built for live shows. Elevate is more of a real song with a very strong vocal that you can vibe out to in any circumstance. Trap music needs to be able to translate beyond the rave for people to really grasp onto it. I honestly think that’s the direction that bass music is leaning. If you look at the biggest hits within the past year you will see that songs are clearly winning over straight face melters.


EDM Utah: I also feel like, sonically,  the gap between what people would consider “trap” and “festival trap” is getting wider, do you ever find that this attracts or deters listeners based on the assumption that trap is one sound or the other?

Jayceeoh: I think that fans are attracted by the various types of trap music. The fact that trap has evolved into having subgenres within the subgenre is a great thing. I tend to touch on all of the styles in my catalogue of work. The people who only like one style of trap music and hate on others are just closed-minded. Good music is good music, I don’t care what people want to classify it as.


EDM Utah: You’ve been releasing a lot of new music lately. In particular I’m interested in hearing about the production of “Lights Out.”

Jayceeoh: Well, “Lights Out” is a very important track to me and it really charts my progress as a producer. “Lights Out” is the second single off my brand new side project with the legendary REDMAN called “1000volts”. We are working on a full album right now that is gonna blow people away. It’s the perfect combination of Hip-hop and Electronic music and once we start touring late 2016 people will be like WOW! haha. We’re super excited to continue the roll out of the project. “Lights Out” really highlights what 1000volts is all about. Timeless raps and timeless beats that take you on a sonic roller coaster throughout the song.


EDM Utah: How did you get involved with Redman?

Jayceeoh: We actually met in Croatia while we were performing at the same festival a couple years ago. I pitched him my single “Turn Me Up Some” and he loved it. We recorded the vocals and I put it out independently on my label Super 7 Records. Redman loved my work ethic and how well the track did so he asked me to send him a folder of tracks. Needless to say, he was into it. A year later we decided to turn our ideas into a touring act and make it official. 1000volts was born!


EDM Utah: Tell us about the production behind Elevate?

Jayceeoh: Nevve really killed the vocals on this song. I wanted to paint a ethereal soundscape during her vocals that was minimal and left room to highlight the emotion in her voice. On the drop, I kept it melodic but still hard hitting to maintain the grove of the song. I am really happy with how this track turned out!


EDM Utah: And you had a remix of TJR’s “Fuck Me Up,” tell us about how that came to be?

Jayceeoh: I met TJR a few years ago at a festival we played in Mexico. We hung out briefly and ended up sitting next to each other in 1st class on the flight home. He’s also a great golfer so we started meeting up in LA or Vegas from time to time to get a round of golf in. When he released “Fuck me Up,” I had an idea for the remix and just asked him for the stems. I banged it out pretty quickly and he sent it to his people at Spinnin’ Records. A week later we dropped it as a free release on Spinnin’ and it did great. It hit #1 on the trap charts on soundcloud!


EDM Utah: You and TJR are both playing at Das Energi, can we expect some sort of surprise guest appearance during each others sets??

Jayceeoh: Well, that would be dope! But I think we play different days. If he ends up sticking around Saturday we might be able to make that happen! TJR is my dude!


EDM Utah: So you’re on tour right now and I see you post about food on twitter a lot, what are some of the best eats you’ve had on this tour and where?

Jayceeoh: I’m a true foodie. Every city I go to I try and research some of the best spots to eat the local fare. My brother is a chef at high-end restaurants like Nobu so trust me, I know good food! In my recent travels these are some stand out spots to eat!

San Francisco – Saigon Sandwich. Best Bahn Mi Sandwich around and its $3.75 [which is an] unreal deal for the price.

Brunch – Mission Beach Cafe for the Mushroom Benedict. Add their housemade Bacon—thank me later

Tampa (Ybor City) – Columbia Restaurant – Spanish Tapas style food—everything is crack.


EDM Utah: Hopefully this wouldn’t be the only thing you eat in Utah, but would you take a shot of the water in the Great Salt Lake at Das Energi?

Jayceeoh: Ummmm… Is this something recommended that people do? If so, then yes! But if you’re just fucking with me then I might think twice about it! Maybe if it’s chased by some Whiskey.

Check out Jayceeoh at this weekend’s Das Energi Festival, where he and many others will be taking the stage on The Great Salt Lake.

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