Marshmello Sells Out Two Major Shows Prior To Das Energi Appearance

It’s no surprise that Marshmello sold out two Shrine shows in a mere 20 minutes last Friday. Being one of the hottest producers around these days, Marshmello’s catchy original tunes like “Alone” and “Keep It Mello” have aided in his skyrocket ride to fame within the music world. Though the man behind the mask still remains a mystery to many, the Marshmello brand has proven that fans are more interested in music than personality. Over 600 fans recently had the chance to be a part of a 4 hour meet and greet where they could purchase tickets without any of the extra fees typically involved. Fans were also greeted by Marshmello along with pizza and doughnuts. It’s experiences such as this that bring fans and artists together for a humbling and intimate experience.


Marshmello’s single “Alone,” which was released on Monstercat has reached over 1 million views. The track holds the the #11 spot on the Billboard Dance Charts and is still seeing a steady rise today. It can be expected that Marshmello’s much anticipated track “Ritual” with Wrabel will be released on OWSLA in the not too distant future. If that’s not enough, Marshmello is actively on tour and sightings of this masterful producer can be seen in nearly every city.


One of those tour dates is the highly anticipated Das Energi Festival in Salt Lake City, Utah. This festival is celebrating its 5th year and is doing so with becoming the biggest electronic music festival to ever be experienced in Utah. With a two day lineup, which is absolutely stacked with some of the top names in electronic music, this is guaranteed to be an event that people from all around will travel to Utah to experience. It’s unknown if Marshmello will have pizza and doughnuts waiting for fans at Das Energi, but it’s certain that he will be throwing down some fire to bring us all together for an unforgettable experience. –Brian Artman

Check out the lineup by clicking below!

Marshmello Sells Out Two Major Shows Prior To Das Energi Appearance dasEnergi

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