Salt Lake DJ & Production Part 1

The following article is an intro to a series of articles on my journey through a music production course with the Salt Lake DJ & Production school.  Stay tuned as I share my experience with the school and the Music Production with Ableton Live course.
Brian Artman


What is music? From a physics standpoint, it’s the way a voice, an instrument, or a sound system causes the molecules of a medium to compress and refract, enabling our body to perceive that change in the medium through auditory or bodily sensation. From a societal standpoint it’s something that gives us a forum for interpersonal connection. From an individual standpoint it provides stress relief and personal expression. Those might be crude and basic answers to the question posed, but for me those are the answers I think of.


For as long as I can remember music has been a part of my life in some form or fashion. Growing up I was introduced to music of the Golden Age of Hip Hop, classic 60’s/70’s Rock n Roll, 80’s New Wave. There came a point in my life when I realized that music was a significant part of who I was and I wanted to be a part of that more than just a listener; I wanted to create it. I spent a considerable amount of years after that point learning my instrument of choice; the guitar. I dedicated myself to hours upon hours, and years of self study, learning this instrument. As time went on I dabbled with more instruments and eventually found myself getting into electronic music production.


I found endless amounts of videos online about electronic music production. Some of the videos were sub-par and some of them were great. In any case, I found myself a bit overwhelmed trying to find my way through all the content and feel like I had actually learned something that would help me really understand what I was doing. I talked with fellow producers in the electronic music scene and learned of a local school called Salt Lake DJ & Production.


For those unaware, Salt Lake DJ & Production (SLDP) is a school based in Salt Lake City, Utah offering courses in DJing and music production. The school also has a recording studio for live vocal and instrument recording. After some thought, I decided to see what SLDP had to offer. I attended an orientation that prepared me for what was going to be a 26 week course. The course itself is split into 7 stages as follows: 1) Sound, 2) Ableton Live, 3) Music Production, 4) Music Theory, 5) Mixing, 6) Mastering, and 7) Artist Development.


The venue was cozy and comfortable. The class was small and intimate with 3 people total. Our instructor and guide for the next 6 months, Jake Combe (aka Prophet), was excited and welcoming. For those who don’t know Jake, he’s got a solid history of producing music for over 8 years. He’s certified in Pro Tools and has used FL Studio and Logic for numerous years. He also graduated top of his class from the audio engineering program at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, California. So far, I felt as though I made the right decision to enroll in this course.


You can find out more about Salt Lake DJ & Production here:



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