Nervo Releases Unforgettable “Did We Forget” Remixes

“Did We Forget,” the progressive house–influenced song released by NERVO has a sound that instantly captivates with vocals by Australian singer Amba Shepherd, and this collection of remixes did not fail to please either. The song relays a message of getting people back to what made them who they were in its lyrics, while the music evokes a feeling of hope. This progressive style song is enticing to listeners who understand the message of it. The lyrics of the song can convey to a mix of individuals ready for a night out on the town or a night in with friends.


The music video that Nervo released for the song was shot in 360 X 180 degrees virtual reality format, making the experience of the viewers feel as if they were really there. Alongside this track on the remix album are the Wavo competition winners as well as releases from Louders and Onur Aktemur. Louders, which is an Italian duo made up of Andrea Alessi and Gevo Mennon have their remix of the song which gives it more of a new-age sound. Incorporating more beats and drum-like sounds, the remix from Omur Aktemur displays slow paced and melodic beats. However, although both artists add different flares to the song, they do the Nervo release justice in their own way. Altogether, with the songs emotional lyrics and rhythmic breakdowns anyone can expect a unique and positive listening experience.


Nervo continues to release unforgettable music with the release of “Did We Forget” and its remixes. The track shows that the girls of Nervo have unwavering talent that will not fizzle out anytime soon. The drops in the beat and ferocious basslines are sure to do well among large crowds or even summer parties. Emotions flare, heartbeat is elevated, and the hair on your arms raises with this epic club track. Nervo have once again found a way to bring out the best of what new music can produce. In combination with some new inspiring vocals this song is undoubtedly expected to be a hit! –Aubree Lawrence


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