Atrophia & Thrillogy To Play SKY Tonight For Nova Lotus Friday

Local label Nova Lotus, owned and operated by Ian Hiscock, one of the powerhouse industry workers behind V2 Presents is presenting a locals night tonight at SKY SLC for the April installation of their Nova Lotus series. Each month the label hosts a night of performances from artists on both a local and national level. For those overwhelmed by shows like Therapy Thursdays, the Nova Lotus series provides a more laid-back party with nothing but good energy.

This month’s event, which includes headliners like Atrophia and Thrillogy, is expected to be a wildly successful night filled with original productions by both artists. Atrophia, who has become a staple around Salt Lake, is known for his diverse and exciting DJ sets filled with both original productions and a carefully curated setlist of the best music right now. Each Nova Lotus event is different and accommodates the styles of the artists playing the event, and Thrillogy’s high-quality bass music is sure to pair beautifully with the future-bass tracks Atrophia has been playing as of late. The event is free with a guest list sign up that you can access here and begins tonight, April 28 at SKY SLC. If you need an excuse to celebrate something, celebrate the fact that you’re not at Fyre Festival.Julia Sachs

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