Quality Control Announces Partnership With Movement Electronic Music Festival

Just in time for their massive 3-year anniversary party, which will take place at SWITCH (formerly, The Fallout) on May 6, Quality Control made the announcement just last week that they’ve joined as an official partner of Movement Electronic Music Festival, the annual techno festival in Detroit, Michigan.  The annual festival, which brings over 100,000 techno fans to Detroit each Memorial Day weekend, celebrates the historical roots Detroit has to the electronic music industry, particularly in its influence of house and techno.


Having a local, specialized event company like Quality Control involved in such a massive and influential event like Movement Electronic Music Festival is the type of exposure this city needed to put Salt Lake on the music map as a great destination for music lovers. With an ever-growing music scene in Salt Lake, there’s seldom a weekend where a music lover can find themselves lacking in diversity to suit their tastes and Quality Control has been a hefty contributor in helping us reach that.


For those who don’t plan on making it to Movement Electronic Music Festival this Memorial Day weekend, Quality Control will be hosting the three-year anniversary party of Control room on May 6 and you can snag tickets here after adding yourself to the RSVP list on Facebook here (this is required). To celebrate their partnership with Movement, Quality Control will be giving out two tickets to the festival during their anniversary party. To qualify for the giveaway, entrants must have given a Facebook RSVP and purchased a pre-sale ticket. The Control Room will be headlined by the owner of Octopus Recordings and techno-powerhouse Sian as part of a promotional tour for his new album, Capital Crime Waves. –Julia Sachs

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