Mad Decent’s Sean Will & 40 Cobras Release “Give Me A Reason” With Sessi

Summer has officially come early this year with the release of Sean Will & 40 Cobras “Give Me a Reason (ft. Sessi)” on Mad Decent. Prepare to be transported beachside with this aural experience. The wonderful, often soulful lyrics are sung by the amazingly talented Sessi. This track blurs the lines between genres as it  combines some of the best elements of Trap and Bass Music with pop sensibilities and easy to groove to rhythms. The production on this track is solid to the core, with the bass, lyrics, rhythms, and melodies all working together in harmony. No over the top effects, no needless shout-outs or unnatural bridges—just good, clear tropical vibes to groove the night away to. Perfection exemplified. This song is an impressive addition to  Mad Decent’s growing music catalog, and if Sean Will, 40 Cobras and Sessi aren’t already on your radar they should be.


The overtone of the piece is both joyous and mournful, or at least introspective, while never straying too far away from a party track. This song would be easy to mix into a variety of DJ sets, working as a finisher as much as it does a tone setting piece. The chorus truly gives the listener a reason to get up and move.


This track really does have something for everyone in it, and it reminds me of some of the best pieces Major Lazer and similar acts have put out recently. If you’re a fan of tripped out drum lines, tropical bass music, or just having a good time you’ll enjoy this new release from Sean Will & 40 Cobras. Putting it plainly, “Give Me A Reason” will continue to be on my playlist for a good time to come. I’m certainly glad summer is already here in February. Time to sit back and let the steel drum scene take over. –Donovan McArthur

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