Stööki Sound Releases New Single, Endz, Following Tour And Label Announcement

2016 marks a year of immense growth for the London-based duo Stööki Sound. Released earlier this fall, their highly anticipated single “Endz,” is a dark instrumental that keeps listeners on edge as it dramatically ebbs and flows with precision and ingenuity. “Endz is the first single off of our Ösiris EP. It’s a brooding instrumental that captures the dark and tense atmosphere of the area of London in which we grew up. Endz will take you on a musical journey through the streets of London,” Stööki Sound announced with the release of the single.


Though Stööki Sound have carved their niche in music with their emcee skills and heavy influence of hip-hop, their talent shines equally with this dark, instrumental trap piece. Sonically similar to works from artists like Beats Antique, the duo uses live guitar melodies recorded by Cobi and African drumbeats to integrate the influence that different cultures had on the duos musical upbringings. “Endz,” though only a few minutes in length, beautifully integrates the vastness of cultural roots that influence urban areas and the art that comes out of them. If nothing but a peek into what will come from Stööki Sound’s upcoming EP, Osiris, we’ll take this release as an indication to keep a close watch for more releases.


Additionally, the release of Osiris came with the announcement of the duos upcoming North America Fall Tour and served as a launch for their new label, O.N.E Worldwide (Originality Never Ends). “Endz” is now available for stream and download on all major music platforms, but keep an eye out for the Osiris EP, which is slated for release sometime soon. –Julia Sachs

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