Stööki Sound To Take Over Smoke Siignals This Friday

This Friday, April 21, UK bass and hip-hop legends Stööki Sound are set to take over SKY SLC when they play the upcoming Smoke Siignals show. Riding the release of their newest tracks, “Echoes” and “Endz,” the latter of which was the first single off of their Ösiris EP, the UK-based duo have broken the barriers of what constitutes hip-hop, grime and electronic music.

The release of their latest EP, Ösiris, plays host to six bass-heavy grime tracks with vocal quality reminiscent of UK legend Skepta. However, where Skepta lacks in musical diversity is where Stööki Sound makes up. The album ranges, clearly, in musical influence from a focus on eclectic rhythm in singles like “Ends”and “Exodus” to the traditional grime sound in “My G’s (Featuring Jelacee).” What separates hip-hop artists like Stööki Sound from their US-based counterparts is not only the heavy focus on representing a diverse taste in musical background, but the focus on representing these tastes in a really high-quality product. The Stööki Movement is more than just music, its a collective of visual arts as well, and the groups artistically ambidextrous ability shines in many mediums.

Rarely do underground hip-hop artists make appearances at Salt Lake venues, so the chance to see a performance like this at such a popular venue is one that can’t be missed. The hype surrounding Stööki Sound is real, and fans of just about any genre will find something to love in their music and movement. Tickets are available for the show here and you can check out Stööki Sound’s latest EP, Ösiris, on most platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify. –Julia Sachs

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