VIBE Brings New Meaning To The Term “Inclusion”

Have you ever been asked the question, would you rather lose your sight or hearing? I’ve been asked this many times. Most of my peers choose sight, but I’m not sure which I would take. While I love a good scrolling binge on Instagram’s travel accounts or just staring at my dog for an hour, I’m also not sure I could live without music. Just toying with the thought, however, is a major privilege that many don’t get to choose from. Imagine your life without music. Imagine having to go to a concert and only know what’s going on based on the crowd around you. Seems awful, right? This is a reality for so many, and a problem that’s not just overlooked, but barely thought about in the concert world. This is where VIBE comes in. Organized and curated by Maclain Drake, a local music lover and industry worker that wanted to reach out to the deaf community and bring them something special.


VIBE, a new recurring show at SKY SLC is a longtime-needed event in the music world, one that I’m proud is happening in Salt Lake. The event caters to the deaf community, incorporating every sense (yes, you read that right—every sense) to life in a concert experience that will be unforgettable to just about anyone. While the music industry often claims to be inclusive, the harsh reality is that this doesn’t apply to everyone. What VIBE does, however, opens the nightlife industry up for enjoyment to the deaf community by incorporating vibrations, visuals, smells and tastes to the club. Their equipment works to amplify elements of a concert such as frequencies, vibrations and visuals to allow everyone to be able to feel the music. 10% of ticket sales will go to the Sego Lily Center for the Abused Deaf, and tickets are $20. The event takes place on Friday, May 12 at SKY SLC and includes headliners such as Wat Music? and Friendzone. And for those of you without hearing loss, for gods sake—wear your ear plugs at concerts. –Julia Sachs

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