Viceroy Shows Us His Top Five Places To Escape

The next installment of Live Nite EventsRecess Club series on Thursday, May 12 will kick off the first of many summer nights in Salt Lake with an appearance by Viceroy. With the release of his “Next Escape” single, the San Francisco–based artist is currently headlining his own tour under the same name and spreads the summer vibes with each stop. Bending jam-band style electronic music with disco elements and tropical house beats, Viceroy has managed to brand himself as a source of summertime euphoria with his signature sound and a “summer time all the time” mantra.

With the ability to capture the carefree, nostalgic elements of a warm summer night in his music, its no wonder that the artist has a killer list of top five vacation destinations. Below are Viceroys top five tropical vacation spots around the world, and whether you’ve been or not, you can catch some of these vibes at Recess Club on Thursday—or just browse and drool over the beachy vibes and summer sun.



viceroy viceroy Viceroy Shows Us His Top Five Places To Escape bali 2

Located in the islands of Indonesia, Bali is a vacation destination unlike any other. With dense forests, pristine beaches along coral reefs and volcanic mountains, its no wonder Viceroys number one tropical destination is one like this. While getting there from Utah may be tough and expensive, the island is one worth staying at for long periods of time. As a bustling vacation destination for Australian travelers and spring-breakers, Bali’s music scene is bigger than you’d think. No matter where you stay on the island, a quick weekend getaway to Kuta to check out Sky Garden, a building that boasts having eight clubs under one roof, is well worth pausing the relaxation.



viceroy viceroy Viceroy Shows Us His Top Five Places To Escape Tulum Ruins

Located just south of Cancún, Mexico, Tulum landed a spot as Viceroy’s second favorite tropical getaway. Blending history and some of the best beaches along the Yucatan peninsula, Tulum is a summertime dream that’s close to home (well, closer than Bali). As one of the last cities built by the Mayan civilization, Tulum is as much a historical wonder as it is a natural one, where crystal clear waves crash into massive Mayan ruins. In addition to that, Tulum has earned a reputation as being home to a bustling and exotic rave scene. Ever partied in a natural underground sinkhole? You can do that in Tulum. Located just 40 miles south of the site of the annual BPM Festival, Tulum might just be the perfect place to recover for a few days before heading back to real life.



Viceroy viceroy Viceroy Shows Us His Top Five Places To Escape kauai hollywoodViceroy’s third pick for a tropical getaway brings us back to the US with Kauai, Hawaii. Located west of Honolulu, Kauai is the oldest of the main islands of Hawaii. With countless destinations worth checking out in one of the islands many national parks, Kauai is a paradise with endless possibility. Though the island doesn’t have the raging nightlife scene that other destinations have promised, the laid-back spirit of the island and its locals will keep anyone entertained. A few of the local bars are right on the beach and provide their guests with live Hawaiian entertainment.



viceroy viceroy Viceroy Shows Us His Top Five Places To Escape stockfresh 685723 mykonos by seaside sizeM1Personally, I’ve always drooled over the coastal destinations of Greece. With sparkling blue waters comprable to a Swarovski crystal juxtaposed with classic greek architecture (and the food, can’t forget the food), Mykonos was unsurprisingly part of the list of vacation destinations Viceroy came up with. I need no convincing to visit coastal Greece, but if a party vacation is more appealing you should know that Mykonos has been listed as being “the new Ibiza” by travel blogs around the world, offering world class entertainment year-round and celebrity sightings galore.


viceroy viceroy Viceroy Shows Us His Top Five Places To Escape Nantucket Harbor

Though it’s probably the least tropical on this list, Nantucket has earned a place on getaway lists for decades. As a staple summer destination for many of America’s one-percent, the island off the coast of Massachusetts offers endless options for activities like fishing, chilling on the beach or sampling some of amazing New England dishes. Nantucket isn’t exactly known for its bustling nightlife, however, as the island is notorious for its relaxing summer vibes rather than playing host to an all-nighter.


Now that the tropical summertime jealousy has set in, satisfy your craving for a getaway on Thursday for Viceroy’s stop at Elevate for this month’s Recess Club.

–Julia Sachs (@_thatssojulia)

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